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Staffordshire Hoard - The Team (Stages 1 and 2)

Central Services


Project Management - Hilary Cool and Stephanie Rátkai

Secure Website and Database - Bryan Alvey

Copy Editing - Val Kinsler

Photography - Cotswold Archaeology

Academic Editors - Chris Fern, Leslie Webster,

                                  Tania Dickinson

Advisory Scientific Editor - Marcos Martinon-Torres

Museum Liaison - Sam Richardson


Stage 1

Photography - Guy Evans

Database assistance - David Griffiths

Science and Conservation


Conservation Co-ordinator - Pieta Greaves

Metal analysis - Ellie Blakelock

Organic analysis - Peter McElhinney

Green inlay - Marcos Martinon-Torres


Stage 2 Conservators

Giovanna Fregni

Lizzie Miller

Kayliegh Fuller


Stage 1 Conservators

Duygu Camurcuoglu

Deborah Cane

Natalie Harding

Marilyn Hockey

Ciaran Lavelle

Graeme McArthur

Deborah Magnoler

Fleur Shearman

Cymberline Storey


Stage 1 Analytical Scientists

Janet Ambers

Ellie Blakelock

Caroline Cartwright

Marei Hacke

Sue La Niece

Andrew Meek

Aude Mongiatti

Rebecca Stacey

Valerie Steele




Typology and Art History


Lead Researcher - Chris Fern

Die-impressed sheet - George Speake

Filigree Consultant - Niamh Whitfield

Reconstruction Illustration - Ian Dennis

Excavation & Site Background


Excavation - Alex Jones

Illustration - Nigel Dodds

Survey - Henry Chapman

Regional background - Jon Goodwin


Stage 1 Contributions

Aerial Photography - Alison Deegan

X-Radiography - Lincoln


Stage 1

Michelle Johns

Rob White

Background Studies


Hoarding - Svante Fischer

                + Peter Guest

                + Matthius Hardt

                + Colin Haselgrove

Gold value - John Hines

Military - John Hines

Historical - Alan Thacker

               + Barbara Yorke



Pieta Greaves

Deb Klemperer

Jenni Butterworth


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