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Research Interests

The study of archaeological leather continues apace and has widened at one end to take in prehistoric skin products and at the other to cater for the ever increasing amount of early modern and later leather being recovered from archaeological excavation. There is also now an interesting 'bulge in the middle' concerning leatherwork of the middle Anglo-Saxon period. I very much enjoy researching material in collaboration with others and have greatly benefited from working with valued colleagues both here and abroad. In addition to material from a range of sites throughout Britain I have reported on leather of the early modern period from the Icelandic site of Skálholt, and will be reporting on more leather from another Icelandic site. Maritime finds continue to be a theme and currently leather recovered from a number of shipwreck sites including the London, the Invincible and the Rooswijk wreck is under investigation.


Recently an article ‘The home-made shoe, a glimpse of a hidden, but most ‘affordable’, craft’   has been selected for inclusion in Medieval Archaeology, Critical Concepts in Archaeology Volume 1 edited by Roberta Gilchrist and Gemma Watson (2016) and described as ‘reprints of 77 influential papers carefully selected to highlight the key issues and debates in the development and contemporary practice of later medieval archaeology in Europe’. I am so pleased that such a humble topic as peasant footwear should receive such recognition.


Metalwork is not being neglected. In recent years I have produced small finds reports from Wigmore Castle, Weoley Castle and a number of sites in Birmingham and Coventry along with smaller groups from many locations in England and Wales. As my contribution on the Roman ironwork from the Chester Amphitheatre has recently been published, attention will now shift to the medieval and later artefacts.




From 1978 to 1981 I was an Archaeological Field Officer in the Central Excavation Unit which was then part of the Historic Buildings & Monuments Commission for England (later English Heritage and now Historic England).


Since 1981 I have been a freelance archaeological specialist in archaeological metalwork and leather of all periods. During this time I have worked for numerous archaeological units and for English Heritage. From 1990-95, for example, I acted as the English Heritage project officer monitoring the publication programme of former Department of Urban Archaeology now part of the Museum of London Archaeology Service.


Today I report on leather and metal small finds of all periods, contributing chapters considering these finds in the wider regional and national settings, and help to organise a range of meetings promoting their study and research.


Recent work has included commenting on a small number of pieces recovered from a beach in South Georgia near the Antarctic,and currently I am working on leather from Oxford and Bristol.




I have a degree in Archaeology and Geography from University of Southampton (1976) and an MA in Archaeology from Institute of Archaeology, University of London (1978).




I am a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London. I am a member of the Archaeological Leather Group, the Finds Research Group and the Society of Medieval Archaeology and have served on the committees of each. Currently I am Membership Secretary for the Finds Research Group.



Selected Publications

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