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Staffordshire Hoard - The Newsletters


During Stage 1 we published seven Newsletters.   The team was scattered across the country and the Newsletters were intended to keep all the members up to date with what was going on. From the outset we made them available on our web site and sent them to anyone who asked for them.  People have told us they found them interesting, so we published four more  during Stage 2.

Newsletter 11 February 2017


This is the final Newsletter in the series. It gives an account of the Staffordshire Hoard Research Reports the were placed on the Archaeological Data Service that month. It also has a preview of what the final publication will be like.

Newsletter 10 June 2016


This has an account of the discovery of an entirely new object through the diligent work of the conservators. There is also an account of how the objects are being photographed, and of the assembly marks that have been discovered.

Newsletter 9 December 2015


This has updates on the joining the  conservators are doing, notes on the organic discoveries, details of the analysis of the silver, and explorations of one of the equestrian panels, and of the art seen on the pommels

Newsletter 8  June 2015


This is the first newsletter of Stage 2. It records what has been achieved in the first five months. Of especial interest is the progress with the die-impressed sheets that probably came from helmets.

Newsletter 7  May 2014


This was the final Newsletter from Stage 1 and reported on the grouping exercise we had carried out in February, and the project team meeting we had in March. It optimistically hoped we'd resume in October. Ah well.

Newsletter 6  December 2013


This issue reported on the additional funding we had received to allow a much bigger programme to explore the surface depletion.  Fleur at the BM showed the progress that was being made with the reeded strips Chris looked at one of the latest items in the Hoard - the silver mount K791.

Newsletter 5  June 2013


This was a bumper issue as results started coming together including the first reports on the surface enrichment/depletion. There are glorious X-radiography images from Lincoln and lots more. The jokes are good too.

Newsletter 4  February 2013


This looked at the new discoveries in more detail, introduced the augmented conservation team at Birmingham, showed how the X-radiography was revealing additional material and Chris introduced us to how the animal art worked  based on pommel  K457

Newsletter 3  December 2012


This announced the new finds from the field, reported on the progress of the conservation work at the BM and Birmingham, and showed the results from the X-radiography. Chris Fern told us about a silver pommel K1448.

Newsletter 2    August 2012


This introduced the science work that was starting at the BM, and reported on the first batch of X-radiography work at Lincoln.  The object of the month was K552 a torn hilt collar.

Newsletter 1  June 2012


This introduced the team to each other and Chris Fern told us about his favourite object up to that point - the pommel K358.



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